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turnkey finishing

Our Offer


Comprehensive approach is our greatest strength. We are a one stop shop where you will receive the design, a proven finishing crew, and a warranty for the services provided. When designing an apartment our architects utilise its potential fully and at the same time ensure that the interiors are functional.


Interior finishing is accomplished with the highest quality materials that you can see in our showroom. After creating the design and selecting the materials together with the architect, the finishing works coordinator joins the project in order to ensure that the finishing crew completes the tasks on time and in appropriate quality.


Are you dreaming of a beautiful kitchen that will become the heart of your home or a wardrobe that will fit all of your things? We have created the Decoroom Kitchens department that provides comprehensive apartment furnishing. Starting from the design, through material selection, to furniture installation.


Play our DECO GAME and join the group of people who are happy with their apartments!

Play the DECO GAME with us and join the group of our Clients who are happy with their interiors!

Package selection

We learn about your needs and together we select the most fitting finishing package. Your preferences, your sense of aesthetics, attachment to the quality of materials, and your budget are all important.


Concept and cost estimate

We prepare a bespoke interior design concept. We propose our ideas how to make it more functional and we prepare a preliminary space layout and arrangement. Then, we draft the cost estimate that will contain the quotation of construction works, materials, and selected furnishing elements.


Signing the agreement

We sign the agreement only after you familiarise yourself with the concept of your apartment and the cost estimate of finishing works. Together, we agree a convenient payment schedule.


Materials and 3D visualisations

We select the wall and floor tiles, paint colours, bathroom ceramics and fittings, doors, and floors. You can freely combine the materials and pick from our offering or select any other products. We prepare the 3D visualisation of the bathroom. If you wish to see the final result of the works in the whole apartment, we can prepare visualisations of the other rooms for an additional fee.


Design and cost control

The design works result in producing the technical documentation: the design and the updated cost estimate of works. It shows what is going to be done in your apartment. You can control the cost estimate during each stage of the works.


Oversight and project implementation

During the acceptance of the apartment from the developer we evaluate the quality of the premises and point out the necessary repairs. Before commencing the finishing works, we order the materials and check the delivery deadlines. Construction and finishing works are carried out by professional teams pursuant to the approved design. We oversee all work stages to ensure that the project is implemented correctly and on time.


Additional services

Frequently, the room layout is not perfect. We can change it by, for example, demolishing a partition wall or erecting a new wall to improve the functionality of the space. Thanks to the architects’ and the construction work co-ordinators’ knowledge we will adapt the design to your vision and expectations.


Kitchens and cabinets

You can decide to continue working with us. Following your requirements we will design the cabinets, the wardrobe, and the kitchen furniture. We will also advise you on the selection of lighting and household appliances. We only buy products of tried and tested companies, because the quality visible at the end is all-important.



We draft a payment schedule, so you will always know when there is a payment to be made. You gain the comfort of being able to plan your spendings and gain control over your budget. The final payment is made only after the apartment’s acceptance.


Project conclusion and warranty

After the works are completed, you can enjoy your new interior for which we grant a 24-month warranty.