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PRS - Private Rented Sector

Private rent estate sector

Trust our experience - we have designed and finished several hundred apartments for the build-to-rent investors market.

We have an unique know-how in the industry. We operate comprehensively: from the design stage, through logistics and deliveries, to organizing finishing service teams for residential units and common parts of buildings.

We have a know-how that is unique in the industry. We operate comprehensively, from the design stage, through logistics and deliveries, to the organization of finishing teams for residential units and common parts of buildings.

Our portfolio consists of several impressive projects with a total number of over 500 apartments.

  • Cooliving UpRiver by VONDER EUROPE - we have designed and finished 300 housing units, we also provide warranty services for this investment.
  • Van der Vorm Vastgoed B.V investment on Al. Solidarności - we have designed and finished 55 residential units.
  • YIT investment - we have developed design documentation for 115 residential units.
  • SKYREACH Warsaw investment - we consulted the project for the investor's needs.



We will prepare a tailor-mad, fully customized design. We also give the opportunity to introduce changes at the design stage.


We have a secured supply chain. Our architects select the best material solutions available on the market. We always focus on durability and versatility.

Design implementation

At the same time, we are carrying out finishing works in the entire building.


We coordinate the course of work and control costs at every stage.

Home equipment / furniture

We offer high-quality and durable home equipment. We produce build-in furniture in our own carpentry shop.


We offer efficient and professional warranty and post-warranty service.


We know the needs and expectations of tenants. We know how to reduce operating costs without compromising user’s comfort.


We create universal and durable interiors prepared for intensive and long-term use.

Institutional rental - standard and interior decoration

Functional design

In a flat for rent, the size falls into the background – functionality is the most important thing. Developing functionalities at the design stage may bring benefits for the subsequent rental rate pricing.

Its good preparation at the design stage may bring benefits for the subsequent rental rate evaluation.

Interior finishing

The use of high-quality materials makes the apartment more attractive for the tenant. It also significantly delays and reduces the need for future  repairs and renovations.

Home equipment

Built-in furniture, household appliances and bathroom fittings must maintain eye-pleasing appearance and full functionality in order to attract tenants on a regular basis and to avoid mass repairs, which constitute a large financial burden and affects the  company image.

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PRS Guide

PRS GUIDE is a compendium of knowledge about designing buildings with flats for rent. It guides you step-by-step through the stages of PRS projects implementation - from the initial planning phase, through key design aspects, implementation and interior design, to the operational management of the investment.

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Built for Rent

The "Built for Rent" report contains social, economic and legal analysis that make up the most complete picture of the rental market. It’s followed by examples of investments and good practices applied in countries with a high importance of institutional rental. This allows you to understand the diverse development opportunities of this market in Poland.

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