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The turnkey finishing service we offer will save you time and money. The turnkey finishing service we offer will help you save you both time and money. You will receive the design, finishing materials, implementation with supervision and a 2-year warranty for the services provided in just one place.

Unique benefits

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  • Detailed pricing before signing the contract
  • Professional supervision of implementation
  • Secure payment schedule
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Saving both time and money  

  • Verified contractors
  • Choice of materials in one place
  • Preferential VAT rate: 8% instead of 23%
  • 24-month warranty period
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Comprehensive offer

  • Reliable functional analysis
  • Professional assistance of an interior architect 3D
  • visualisation included in the package price
  • Possibility of alterations
  • Included implementation of furniture development

Finishing packages in both Warsaw and Wroclaw – tailored exactly to your needs.

We offer interior design packages that respond to the many different expectations of our clients. Each package includes an individual interior design, a choice of materials and a turnkey finish to a specific standard.

Finishing packages – Decoroom Warszawa and Decoroom Wroclaw

The finishing packages that we offer, available in both Warsaw and Wrocław, are comprehensive turnkey finishes. By choosing one of the finishing packages, you save not only time but also money. We believe that a house with a soul reflects the character of its owner, which is why we strive to personalise your project as much as possible. Bearing in mind the diverse needs and abilities of our clients, we offer three interior finishing packages and the realisation of furniture construction.