The interior design collaboration is based on three packages: Standard, Premium and Designer. They differ in the type of finishing materials to suit your expectations, needs and possibilities. When choosing the package for your project, we always offer the support of experienced architects working at Decoroom.

Yes, we specialise in finishing houses and flats in a development state. We only operate on the primary market as we do not carry out renovations.

We currently operate in Warsaw and its region.

Our service is comprehensive. The price includes: meeting with an architect, package, 3D visualisation of the bathroom, technical design, finishing materials and order logistics, collection of the flat, coordination of works at the implementation stage. Finishing materials are included in the technical appendix to the contract.

The package price includes a 3D visualisation of the bathroom. For an additional charge, we may prepare visualisations of the other rooms at a price of 110-120 PLN net / sq.m. (23% VAT). (23% VAT). As part of the Designer Package we also prepare a visualisation of the living room with a kitchenette.

No, our service is comprehensive. As part of the package, the customer receives both the design and its realisation, along with materials and a guarantee for the services provided.

Yes, it is possible, but changes prolong the course of finishing works and may mean additional costs. In the case of modifications to the design, it is necessary to consult the supervising architect and the coordinator responsible for supervising the works in a given flat every time.

Yes, it is possible. However, please note that the choice of materials is made on an individual basis, with the assistance of an architect, and involves a recalculation of the cost estimate.

Of course, it is possible to swap materials that are in another package and adapt them to the client’s needs and expectations. Choice of elements that are assigned to a specific package are by no means compulsory, any combination is possible. We are always geared towards meeting the client’s expectations.

Kitchens and wardrobes are our additional service beyond the scope of the finishing package. We do have a separate department of specialists dedicated to designing and realising kitchens and built-in furniture. You can also take a look at our show kitchens in our showroom.

We have a defined procedure for accepting warranty claims (this information is always included in the contract). Upon completion of the finishing work, the customer is entitled to a 24-month warranty.

We have a specific procedure for accepting warranty and guarantee claims (this information is always included in the contract). Upon completion of the finishing work, the customer is entitled to a 24-month warranty.

Cooperation on interior design is based on three packages: Standard, Premium and Designer. They differ in the type of finishing materials to suit your expectations, needs and capabilities. When choosing the right package for your project, we always provide support from experienced Decoroom architects.

The price of furniture is influenced by many factors, such as the type of accessories used, the shape and form of the fronts and the type of material they will be made of – laminate, MDF, veneer, wood.

We make all built-in and free-standing furniture: tables, chests of drawers; built-in upholstered furniture, joinery elements such as shelves, cabinet doors, etc.

We have an inspirations catalogue at our department. We select and match designs and materials for furniture individually in our Showroom. During the meeting, we will present you with live samples of worktop fronts and other materials. We will also prepare samples for your specific project.

All furniture manufactured by us is covered by a 24-month warranty. It does not cover mechanical damage such as: overloading the guides, damage to the varnish coating, tearing out of the hinges, defects resulting from improper use and cleaning of the furniture.

The service we offer includes the installation of furniture, the connection of electrical appliances equipped with a connection cable and under-cabinet lighting to the electrical network and other appliances to the plumbing network (cooktop, hood, oven, refrigerator, sink, faucet, dishwasher and other appliances necessary for the operation of furniture as intended.

No, for logistical reasons we do not deal with individual pieces of furniture. Our service is comprehensive. Our service is comprehensive.

The duration of the assembly depends on the size of the order and the works to be done. The usual range is from 3 days up to 2 weeks. Whenever stone, glass, joinery or upholstery is used, the process is prolonged, as the measurement and production of these materials can only be carried out after the earlier stage of furniture assembly has been completed.

The main principle of kitchen space design is the so-called work triangle. It involves assigning the appliances (fridge, sink and cooker) to the apex of the triangle. Preparing food requires certain actions performed in a specific order. First we take the products out of the fridge, then we wash them, and then we put them in the pot, the pan or the oven. Therefore, the distances between appliances in the working triangle should be within the following ranges: 120-210 cm between the fridge and the sink, 120-210 cm between the sink and the cooker (90 cm in small rooms), 120-270 cm between the fridge and the cooker.

The lead time depends on the material chosen. For laminates the lead time is 8 weeks, varnishes and veneers should take around 10 weeks.

These two stages are dependent on each other. Only after the finishing work, such as the laying of the tiles in the kitchen work belt and the floors, and the electrical and plumbing changes, has been completed can a detailed measurement be taken and the furniture project be sent to production. We coordinate the progress stages of the finishing work on an ongoing basis so that the furniture measurement is accelerated.