Rococo, Bielany

Interior design / Warsaw
We invite you to visit a charming house in Warsaw’s Bielany district, where time spent together with family and loved ones is at a premium! Here the focal point is the dining and living area with a comfortable exit directly into the garden full of greenery. The investors wanted the interior of the house to be light, well-lit and bright, and the wooden floor and beautiful staircase were a nod to the trend associated with the worship of nature.
Our architects made sure that the kitchen, located in a separate room, could, through a milk glass wall with a door, open up to the living room or give the hosts privacy when needed. The first floor also houses a small bathroom with a toilet, which is dominated by a wood theme and warm lighting.
Master bedroom with its own walk-in closet leading to a private bathroom? Why not! Functional solutions and a good layout of storage space are a big advantage of this zone. The master bathroom again features lots of light, as well as a choice of shower and bathtub.